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Actions on Climate across Swale!

Can you take part in our 1,000 Actions on Climate in Swale? Swale Friends of the Earth is calling all residents of the borough to pledge actions that will reduce carbon emissions - we are aiming to count up to 1,000 actions - and beyond!

1,000 Actions on Climate in Swale is an online campaign which will give all Swale residents the resources and encouragement to pledge to take personal, practical and political actions in their daily lives that reduce carbon. The actions will range from easy and quick petition signings, to actions that involve changing behaviour, to more in-depth, longer-lasting actions. There are innovative resources that will appeal to a wide range of people and to progress them up a ladder of actions, covering energy, food, around the home, transport, nature and waste. Cutting most meat from a family’s weekly meals or pressuring the county council to reduce its grass verge cutting are some of the pledges. Other actions include supporting your local Repair Café, using facilities to recycle soft plastic packaging and telling your local supermarket that you want them to reduce over-packaging. The Actions on Climate will be structured so that each pledge automatically adds up to a total of 1,000 - or more. Swale FoE believes that, although individual actions are very important, we can also play a bigger part in lobbying for change at a political level, so the 1,000 Actions will also take people into new campaigning or lobbying territory.

This online event is part of the Swale Great Big Green Week, which brings different groups together, organising and holding events between 20-27 September in and around Swale. Residents will also be able to access the 1,000 Actions on Climate at the RISE exhibition taking place from 21 - 26 September at 12 Market Place, Faversham.

Opening times are: 10am - 4pm on Tues to Sat, with a late-night opening on Thursday from 2 - 8pm, and from 11am - 3pm on Sunday.

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