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We can all do our bit in our daily lives to reduce our carbon footprint, be more nature-friendly, reduce resource consumption and support sustainable local businesses.

Here are our tips for a greener lifestyle and see here for your Green New Year's Resolution. For more information about green and ethical companies, see our Green Directory 


  • Shop local and seasonally – it saves transport emissions, food miles and supports independent, lower-impact businesses

  • Choose organic produce to reduce the use of pesticides that harm wildlife and health

  • Reduce, re-use and recycle - choose products that have less packaging, go plastic-free, lobby supermarkets and government to reduce plastic packaging at source

  • Switch to a green electricity supplier and break the fossil fuel habit

  • Save energy at home – or even install your own renewable energy like solar panels on your rooftop if you can.

  • Drive and fly less and walk, cycle and use public transport more

  • Eat less meat and dairy

  • Move to a sustainable, ethical bank

  • Subscribe to Ethical Consumer magazine to help you choose brands that share your values

  • Give with love by making your own presents, such as home-made chutneys or chocolates

  • Treat family or friends to things they love to do, like cinema & theatre tickets or book vouchers

  • Help our wildlife by buying bee-friendly plants or seeds, bird-feeders or planting a tree

  • For your own food and drink, choose local, seasonal, high-welfare produce

  • Avoid plastic packaging and disposable plates and cups, and send e-cards

  • Compost your kitchen waste

  • Use this guide to choose palm oil-free food and help save wild habitats from deforestation

  • Before you buy a digital product, look up its repairability score out of 10 at

  • Join your local Friends of the Earth group to get involved and improve and protect the place where you live!


More information on Friends of the Earth’s ethical business partnerships here

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