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Plastics and Waste

Plastic Polluted Ocean

The problem

Every year we throw away millions of tonnes of plastic. And vast amounts of it finds its way into the ocean.


As the plastic breaks down into tiny pieces it’s consumed by marine animals. All this plastic pollution means a cocktail of harmful chemicals can be passed up the food chain. Plastic is even getting into our food and water supplies.


Here in Swale we are lucky to be surrounded by water – the sea, creeks and rivers that are home to a wonderful array of wildlife. We need to act to protect these by reducing our use of plastics in the first place, recycling what we do use, and preventing plastics from entering our environment.


Swale FoE's Activities

Action in our communities


Swale FoE has taken part in beach cleans on the Isle of Sheppey and organises an annual Creek Clean in Faversham.


We also support Plastic Free Faversham and Plastic Free Sheerness and their brilliant campaigns to reduce plastic use and waste in the towns. 


We are always amazed and delighted at the enthusiasm of the many volunteers who take part to clean up their local patch and help wildlife.


TURF IT OUT! Say NO to plastic grass

Swale FoE has joined with Plastic Free Faversham and Plastic Free Sheerness to launch a spring 2021 campaign against the perils of plastic grass.


Fake lawns are increasingly popular but they are bad for our wildlife, pets and people. They stop birds, insects and small mammals like hedgehogs from finding food and shelter and they shed harmful microplastics into our environment, all the way to our rivers and seas.


Will you make the fake lawn pledge and say NO to plastic grass in your garden? By choosing the real thing you can instead make your garden a little patch of heaven for our precious wildlife.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the campaign and please share!


Action by Government 


But we also need action by government to solve the problem at source.


We need the government to introduce a plan now that:

  • starts with phasing out non-essential single-use plastics now

  • commits to tackling trickier plastics, like in clothes and car tyres, as soon as possible

  • maintains quality of life for people who need plastic and doesn't cause worse environmental problems.


Please sign Friends of the Earth’s petition to tell the UK government that we need a new law to phase out plastic pollution.

Creek Clean 2019
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