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Climate Change

The problem


Our planet is warmer now than at any point in the past 1,000 years, and heating fast. If we don’t cut carbon emissions and halt rising temperatures, by switching from fossil fuels to cleaner, green energy and transport and avoiding deforestation, the impacts – from flooding and storms to drought, crop damage and rising food prices – will be felt by all of us. But it’s the world’s poorest who are hardest hit.

Is there a Campaign for Climate Action in Swale?

The annual Great Big Green Week sees thousands of people across the UK organising local festivals and events. Aiming to draw attention to climate change and destruction of the natural world, the campaign makes a connection with these issues in communities like Swale, which are already experiencing the impacts of climate change. It also showcases positive actions and solutions individuals, councils and the government can take to tackle climate change.

Swale Borough Council has held its own Great Big Green Weeks, and as part of this, Swale Friends of the Earth hosted a range of events and actions under the heading, RISE. The aim was to maximise awareness in the run-up to COPs during 2020 + 2021 about the risks to North Kent and Swale from increasingly damaging weather events, such as high flood levels due to creek surges and sea level rise.

COP 28 runs in Dubai from 30 Nov to 12 Dec 2023.

For more in-depth information, please read our rationale briefing:


And take Action on Climate in Swale with RISE !

How climate-friendly is Swale?

You can check how Swale is doing in reducing carbon emissions and meeting climate targets – for example, the levels of insulation, renewable energy, car use etc - by entering your postcode here

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5 things we can do about climate change.


In 2019, Swale FoE became a Climate Action Group, part of a growing network across the UK to focus on climate change as a priority and create local solutions to a global crisis.


Our campaigning activities on climate change include:

  • adding our voice to climate strikes and demonstrations

  • reviewing and commenting on local council climate policies and pushing for effective Climate Action Plans

  • lobbying our MP, petitioning the government and Kent County Council and encouraging others to do the same

  • promoting green energy, energy efficiency and sustainable transport infrastructure in local developments

  • providing top tips on how we can all lead a low carbon lifestyle, such as cycling, saving energy and eating less meat


Sign the climate petition to demand a Climate Action Plan

Join us to work with our councils on local climate action

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