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Presents that don't cost the Earth!


  • Shop local and give gifts like crafts, organic hampers, or locally-brewed beer

  • Give with love by making your own presents, such as home-made chutneys or chocolates

  • Treat family or friends to things they love to do, like cinema & theatre tickets or book vouchers

  • Help our wildlife by buying bee-friendly plants or seeds, bird-feeders or planting a tree

  • For your own festive food and drink, choose local, seasonal, high-welfare produce

  • Avoid plastic packaging and disposable plates and cups, and send e-cards

  • Compost your kitchen waste

  • Recycle cards and wrapping and check if you can get your tree collected.

  • Use this guide to choose palm oil-free Christmas food and help save wild habitats from deforestation

  • Before you buy a digital product, look up its repairability score out of 10 at

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