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Lovely World!

Updated: May 28, 2023

Lovely World: Imagining a Cool, Green Future - June 24 + 25 - The Alexander Centre, Faversham

Lovely World presents a glimpse of the future after the ‘right’ environmental choices have been made today. Over one amazing weekend at Faversham’s Alexander Centre, you will see, feel and learn what a ‘lovely world’ we could have in the near future. From Passivhaus housing to net zero transport to what the circular economy might look like, there will be a wide range of local projects and organisations who will inspire, enlighten and entertain. Inspired by the book 'The World We Made' and the film '2040', we hope the event will help visitors gain a more holistic understanding of how we can reach this 'lovely world', and be motivated to take action to help it come about. To whet your appetite, we'll be screening two films, 'The Trick' and '2040', a few days before the exhibition starts.

Over 30 projects, initiatives, individuals and companies - from pioneering textile recycling methods to alternative materials for design and construction, from active transport to renewable energy, from the good funeral guide to insect food for people and dogs, circular economy projects and more are taking part... Talks and commissioned poetry are also in the pipeline. Watch this space!

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